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02 September 2020 @ 05:05 am
thx to kigae for the lovely banner ;D

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04 September 2010 @ 04:58 pm

The 1st list is reallly loooooooooong
this one is for the update
I grabbed so many textures,brushes n coloring tuts these days

here's the credits for them all:

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15 July 2010 @ 07:16 pm

finally done typing all my photoshop resources

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I miss my teammates T0T
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14 April 2010 @ 02:09 am
4 years...feels like a cursing yet blessings to me
anyway, Happy 25th Birthday jagiya~ ♥
have always been and promise will keep praying for ur happiness every single day
this year it turned out that ur birthday is the same date as Easter celebration too
so dun ever forget to pray to our dearest Father as well, jagiya :D
JLU always~

[3] Wallpaper (1280x800)
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07 January 2010 @ 03:32 am
I've been waiting and longing to go to the Super Show 2 concert in Gz
and I went all the way from dorm to the ticketing offices (almost 1 hours by public transits) just to find out that the concert is CANCELED, only 5 minutes enough to drag my hope to zero...4 years waiting and 5 minutes dice...
WHY??? me and the other GuangDong ELF is wondering why is it canceled here??
and instead the ticketing staff recomended to buy shanghai tickets.
They've been there last year!!! so it's 2nd time in Shanghai???
it's not that i hate Shanghai or other city..but why is it canceled here?????

I guess this is the answer of my prayer....
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